All Gym+ customers with a valid membership can enjoy the Gym+ saunas.

Business hours of the saunas: I-VII 09:00 – 21:00

The saunas are located in the locker rooms of these Gym+ gyms:

In Vilnius: Ukmergės st. 256, Žirmūnų st. 68A, Saltoniškių st. 9, Vytauto Pociūno st. 8.

In Klaipėda: Vingio st. 31

We do not have saunas in Panevėžys and Kaunas.

Customers using the services of the sauna in the Gyms are obliged to comply with the Hygienic Standard HN 39:2016 “Public health safety requirements for saunas”;

You may only enter a dry sauna if you have a towel or other sheet, which you must use to sit on while in the sauna. Slippers must be left at the entrance to the dry sauna.