How many times can I use a solarium?

You can use the solarium without limitations*, with a 48-hour break between tanning sessions. The number of tanning sessions in the solarium must not exceed 2 (two) times per week. Maximum tanning time – 15 min.

* in accordance with Annex 1 of the established Lithuanian Hygienic Standard HN 71:2009 "Solariums. Health and safety requirements".


How can I activate my solarium membership?

After purchasing a solarium membership, come to the gym. You will find a tablet near the tanning booths, enter your desired session time (taking into account the recommendations for your skin type), and attach your access card or finger code to the scanner.

You will be informed of the successful activation by a message on the screen. 5 minutes are allocated for changing. If you want to start your session earlier, press the "Start" button in the solarium cabin.


Who can use the solarium?

The solarium is open to to members who must be at least 18 and have purchased a solarium membership.


Rules for the Use of Solarium

The skin on your body and face must be clean when sunbathing.

Cosmetic products that protect against the effects of the sun's natural rays must not be used in the solarium.

Protective goggles must be worn.

After sunbathing in the solarium, you must not sunbathe on the same day.

It is recommended to cover hair, scars and tattooed areas of the body when sunbathing.