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Gift Certificate Rules:

  1. There is no limit to the number of gift certificates that can be bought at the same time;
  2. The gift certificate can be used to pay for a new or existing membership within 6 months from purchase;
  3. The gift certificate is valid until the date indicated on the certificate. After the expiration date of the gift certificate, the gift certificate is considered invalid and is not renewed;
  4. If the membership fee is greater than the value of the gift certificate, the difference can be paid by card;
  5. The gift certificate cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be returned to the seller;
  6. The gift certificate is reusable, it can be used until the expiration date indicated on the certificate has passed;
  7. Lost certificates or those otherwise not in the possession, unused gift certificates cannot be exchanged for new ones;
  8. Gift certificates cannot be used to pay for other gift certificates;
  9. VAT invoices are not issued for gift certificates;
  10. The person purchasing the gift certificate confirms that he is familiar with the terms of use and undertakes to comply with them;
  11. You can buy a gift certificate both for yourself and for another person;

Your order

Gift voucher 100 €

  1. When paying or purchasing a membership, you choose the payment method “gift certificate”;
  2. Enter the code indicated on the certificate;
  3. Repeat the procedure until you use up the remaining money;
  4. When paying for a membership with a gift certificate, the outstanding difference can be paid by card;
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