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How do I sign up for group training sessions?

You can sign up for group training sessions 48 hours before the start of the training.


  1. Log in to your personal Gym+ account, which can be found at the top of the page by clicking on the “LOGIN” button (https://gymplius.lt/prisijungti)
  2. Under “Group workouts”, click on “Timetables” and select the desired gym and group workout and then click on “REGISTER”.
  3. Once you have registered online, make sure to confirm your registration at the group training terminal when you arrive at the training session.

Visual instructions on how to register for a group training session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT42ILxtUgQ

IMPORTANT! Please register responsibly and if, after registering, your plans have changed and you are no longer able to attend, be sure to cancel your registration. Otherwise, failure to attend training twice in a row will result in a two-week restriction on registration for training.

Training and trainers

How do I register for the induction trainings session?

We provide one FREE introductory training session with a trainer when you purchase your membership.

During the training session, the trainer will introduce you to the gym’s facilities, equipment and rules for exercising. You will also receive a range of tips to help you achieve your goals.

The trainer may provide functional fitness testing if required.

You can register by clicking on the link: https://gymplius.lt/ivadines-treniruotes

Visual instructions on how to register for a training session: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHT8B5ee_bA&t=3

Register at least two business days in advance.

Training and trainers

How do I contact my trainer?

All Gym+ gyms are staffed by personal trainers with individual services. For prices, personal training times and additional services, please contact the trainers directly using the contact details on this page.

Gym+ personal trainers: https://gymplius.lt/treneriai

Training and trainers