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Instructions for use:

1. Create a new account or log in to your existing personal account at

2. On the website you will find the PRICES button at the top.

3. Click on the PRICES button -> scroll to the bottom and you will see the INVITATION button.

4. Enter the invitation code assigned to you and follow the guidelines. If you have a membership and wish to pay part of your bills, please contact

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Invitation – Gift Voucher rules:

1. There is no limit on the number of Invitation/Gift Vouchers at the time of purchase;

2. Invitation or gift voucher can be used to activate a new membership or to partially reimburse an existing membership

3. If you have a membership and wish to partially reimburse your bills, you must contact:;

4. Registration is open to persons aged 16 years and over, with a parent or official guardian’s completed details;

5. Minors are not eligible for solarium services;

6. The invitation or gift voucher is valid until the date indicated on the voucher. Upon expiry of the validity period, the invitation-gift voucher shall be considered invalid and non-renewable;

7. The invitation/gift voucher is not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned to the seller;

8. Lost or otherwise lost, unused invitations – gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for new ones;

9. The invitation/gift voucher cannot be used to pay for other gift vouchers;

10. The person purchasing the invitation/gift voucher confirms that he/she is aware of the terms and conditions of use and undertakes to comply with them;

11. You may purchase an invitation/gift voucher for yourself or for another person;

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