We’ve replaced old inventory and added new equipment


Stronger and better every day! 🔥 12 NEW treadmills at Krėvės pr. 13, Kaunas – Gym+ keeps improving!

Upgrades on as many as 4 Gym+ trainers, try it out:

👉 Baltų pr. 49F Kaunas;

👉 Krėvės pr. 13, Kaunas;

👉Žemaitės g. 22, Vilnius;

👉 Viršuliškių g. 40, Vilnius.

💙🤝 Strong friendships unite. Thank you to the Lithuanian soldiers who helped us bring and unload the news! When we upgraded the Gym+ trainers, we didn’t forget about the soldiers who work for the Fatherland. We are pleased with the cooperation and the close relationship we have established with the Colonel Juozo Vitkaus Engineering Battalion, to which we have also given a large amount of sports equipment.

Buy your Gym+ membership and enjoy the new fitness equipment today: www.gymplius.lt/en/prices