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Autumn Start 14,90 €/mth

24/7 Unlimited access

Filtered water

Free introductory training session

All 15 clubs included


Membership “Holiday” up to 30 days

Rewriting the contract to another person

14.90 €/mth 24.90 €/mth

Autumn “Easy” 19.90 €/mth

24/7 Unlimited access

Filtered water

Free introductory training session

All 15 clubs included


Group training session


Membership “Holiday” up to 30 days

Rewriting the contract to another person

19.90 €/mth 35.90 €/mth


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What do I get upon starting to do sports at Gym+?

  • Access to a modern gym without any restrictions. You can work out as much as you want, whenever you want, because Gym+ is open 24/7.
  • Are you thirsty? Then fill up with filtered drinking water, which is free at all Gym+ gyms.
  • A wide range of group workouts is what makes Gym+ special.
  1. Fans of low-intensity training can choose from Slow&strong, Press/Back workouts.
  2. In the medium intensity category we offer F.A.C.T.S, Gym Plius Pump, Zumba, Booty Builder, NTC Mobility classes.
  3. For high-intensity workouts, try Cross Training, H.I.I.T workouts.
  • All workouts are available at:
  • Relax your body and mind in a sauna.
  • Use the solarium without limits* to make your athletic body even more beautiful.
  • Get a free introductory training session with a trainer.

How do I buy a membership?

Gym+ memberships are available:

  • Online:
  • At the Gym in the self-service terminal.

Visual instructions on how to purchase a membership:

IMPORTANT: Purchased memberships become effective on the same day after the payment is made.

Gym+ provides a FREE trial during during your first visit. Use the self-service terminal at the entrance of the gym to purchase a one-day membership. Membership is valid only on the date of purchase.


Can I try the gym for free?

One-day membership is free for new Gym+ customers. A one-day membership with group training and solarium is available for EUR 7 for a current or former customers.


How can I pay for my membership?

You can pay for your Subscription:

  • At the self-service terminal;
  • In your account on the Gym+ website;
  • In online banking, under the section E-invoices;
  • By bank transfer.

On the 9th of each month, an invoice for the following month shall be issued and you shall have until the 21st to pay it.


How can a minor register?

The Gym is open to persons aged 16 and over.

Minors wishing to purchase a membership must be accompanied by a parent or official guardian to sign a contract.

IMPORTANT! Before purchasing a membership, please contact with the address of the gym where registration will take place. You must provide proof of personal identity upon confirmation and upon arrival at the administration.

Subscriptions with solarium services are not available for minors.


How do I sign up for group training sessions?

You can sign up for group training sessions 48 hours before the start of the training.


  1. Log in to your personal Gym+ account, which can be found at the top of the page by clicking on the “LOGIN” button (
  2. Under “Group workouts”, click on “Timetables” and select the desired gym and group workout and then click on “REGISTER”.
  3. Once you have registered online, make sure to confirm your registration at the group training terminal when you arrive at the training session.

Visual instructions on how to register for a group training session:

IMPORTANT! Please register responsibly and if, after registering, your plans have changed and you are no longer able to attend, be sure to cancel your registration. Otherwise, failure to attend training twice in a row will result in a two-week restriction on registration for training.

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