Justinas Platkevičius

Justinas Platkevičius gym+
Work experience
Since 2019
Life motto
Sport is your opportunity to reveal yourself!

Higher university bachelor’s degree (Bachelor’s Degree in Sports).

Higher university master’s degree (Master’s Degree in Sports).


Personal trainer.

Powerlifting and weightlifting.

Wellness trainer (physical activity specialist).

Top Wins

05-08-2012 – 11-08-2012 Fifth TAFISA World Non-Olympic Sports Games, Šiauliai. First place in the junior age group (1994 and later) of weight lifting competitions, in the weight category up to 78 kg.

29-09-2012 – 30-09-2012 IXth international weightlifting tournament “Ventspils Atlantis”, in the weight group of 24kg, I became the absolute winner of the competition.

02-03-2013 International tournament of Kazimieras Paltarokas Cup. I won the first place in the adult age group (at the age of 17), in the weight category up to 78kg, fulfilled the requirements of the master of sports and became the absolute winner of this competition.

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