Tomas Sipavičius

Work experience
Since 2016
Life motto
What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up

The sports activity permit approved in accordance with the procedure provided by the laws of the Ministry of Education and Sports


Personal trainer

Athletic training


Top Wins

Recent achievements: Lithuanian Bodybuilding Championship in Kėdainiai 1st place, Lithuanian Youth Bodybuilding Competition under 18 years 1st place, best player of the Rugby team “Panevėžio tinklai”.

Last seminars: “VŠĮ Sports Training Center”, “Stretching exercises to improve joint mobility”. 2024.02.20; “VŠĮ Sportsininkų training center”, “Upper limb injuries, testing and prevention” 2023.05.23, “VŠĮ Sportsininkų training center”, “Dr.A. Sujetos, seminar”, (I will not tell you the exact date, the link does not load), but in 2023.

Gyms where the trainer works